Monday, February 27, 2012

A Little Rant on Dystopian Books

So me and pretty much everyone who reads a lot of YA novels have to read Dystopian YA novels, as they are the most popular. You're probably thinking "oh, like the Hunger Games." If you aren't, kudos to you, but if you are, then you are like most librarians, teachers, and kids that I know. These days, every dystopian book is either classified as "like the Hunger Games" or "the next Hunger Games" or it's compared to the Hunger Games in some way, shape or form. Whenever I pick up a Dystopian novel these days, I always seem to see some comparison to The Hunger Games in the "Praise For..." section. At school, the genre we are doing for a project is Dystopian Books. most people I know are coming up to me and asking "oh but I've already read the Hunger Games, what now?" I'm like asdfghigvwilkj.szk!!! Seriously, it's not like I didn't like the Hunger Games, in fact it is one of my favorite series, but the thing is there were dystopian books before the Hunger Games! People keep forgetting that there are amazing Dystopian novels out there that are NOT the Hunger Games. And every Dystopian book cannot be compared to The Hunger Games. In the copy od Inside Out I was reading (review below), in the Praise For section it said that it was a great novel just like The Hunger Games. The Hell? It was nothing like the Hunger Games. They were completely different novels, with completely different themes. Anyway, just something to think about.

~ Marium


  1. Well I meant modern day 21st century books....older dystopian novels are ok...mostly.