Friday, March 16, 2012


This would be the definition from Urban Dictionary. The guy had some serious spelling mistakes, so I fixed those for him :D

Penspinning is a very fun way to annoy your teachers and/or waste time and/or look impressive :) 
That was a lot of "and/or"s but oh well. That guy up there says that most people learn from the Universal Pen Spinning Board (which would be right here: Looking around their website, I have noticed a few links to KTrinh93 on Youtube. 
He has good tutorials, so if you really want to learn how to penspin, you should probably look at his tutorials :D

The fundamentals of penspinning are sonic, charge, thumbaround, and fingerpass.
Personally, I find that fingerpass was the easiest to learn because you are merely manipulating your fingers. 

Here are the tutorials:
  • Sonic: By the way, this takes a really long time to learn
  • Charge:
  • Thumbaround:
  • Fingerpass: 
These are links because the Youtube links were much too long :P

Seeing as this post has nothing to do with books, I might as well finish my post :)
I hope you end up trying pen spinning, its really fun :D


This is me being boring and annoying my friends by spinning (they were afraid I was going to hurt myself. Pfft. No trust at all XD) 

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  1. I liked this post on pen spinning. It is something I didn't know about. I liked your video- and you obviously know how to pen spin- but I can understant why your friends were worried. Glad you weren't hurt!